Is there a way to send the results from submit to a PHP MySQL Table?

SpreadsheetConverter generates a standard webform. When the user presses submit, the data is posted to a web page of your choice.

You will have to create a simple PHP-page that parse the parameters and creates an sql-insert statement and runs it towards your database.

This type of code is very simple and part of standard PHP-books.

For example see

and how to store into a mySQL database, see here

At the last link, they have combined the HTML-form and the PHP-file into one file. This is not necessary. First have the HTML-page and only make sure the action points at your PHP-page that extracts the data and stores it into a database.

How do I pre-populate input fields with data retrieved from a database?

There are several solution. For example, you can send them over an URL with the syntax will set the field call bar to 56. You name cells in Excel.

This assumes that you are prefilling an input cell. Here is a better solution that can be used to set any value.

If you know ASP, the simplest solution is to take the HTML page, make it into a ASP-page over replace statements like

p1A1 = 1234


p1A1 = <%= reference to variable which contains the value for cell A1 on sheet 1 %>

where 1234 is the default value that you set in Excel and which you want to read from the database instead.

This solution also works for PHP.

If you want to set constants, see How to initialize values on the server to initialize values on the server

I want PHP to save the resulting order configuration to MySQL using PHP.

SpreadsheetConverter creates a standard webform, you can either convert it into an php-file or just set the action of the post to php-script that takes all the parameters and saves them into a database.

If you name the input cells and calculated cells in Excel, then these names will be used in the web form.

I use PHP to receive the submitted data, but it cannot handle Unicode UTF-8.

After reading

it seems that if you want PHP to handle UTF-8, some work is required.

An alternative is to let SpreadsheetConverter generate an UTF-8 file and then convert it into a suitable encoding. You find iconv.exe in the directory where SpreadsheetConverter is installed.

iconv.exe -t windows-1252 -f utf-8 old.htm > new.htm

and then change

the row <meta content=”text/html;charset=utf-8″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”>

to <meta content=”text/html;charset=windows-1252″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”>

How to I set a constant used by the calculator programmatically?

If you have created a calculator, and there are some constants you want to set, for example the current rate, then read the following:

How to initialize values on the server

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