SpreadsheetServer is a simple and cost-effective solutions for handling online forms, spreadsheets and databases.

SpreadsheetServer 2.0 available.

We have now finished version 2.0. If you send us a spreadsheet, we will create a test account and upload the spreadsheet to our server. All you need to test is a browser.

New in v 2.0:

  • More input and output cells supported, 1000 instead of 250
  • Images are supported
  • Charts are supported
  • Workbooks with multiple worksheets are supported

Spreadsheet form

A form is a single spreadsheet with input cells and calculate cells, just like the spreadsheets handled by SpreadsheetConverter. You can also search through all entered data using filtering, just as in Excel. You can use 220 Excel functions, click here for a list of supported functions.

How to prepare a spreadsheet form in Excel:

  • Mark the input cells, either unlock them or color them
  • Name the input and output cells. Names should start with letter and only contain letters, digits and _

Currently, there are some limitations:

  • We do not recommend more than 1000 input and output values


Try this Excel add-in now!

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